A window into the Reproductive Era Research

In the field of reproductive health, two needs are emerging that apparently conflict.

On one side, research is proposing continuous innovations to be implemented in daily procedures, on the other hand the demand for infertility treatment is increasing all over the world. The key point of conflict between these two aspects is cost: innovation requires, at least in an early phase, relevant investments, and the widening of ART to geographical areas with lower average incomes require careful evaluations of the cost/benefit balance.

The aim of this conference, which follows the previous two successfully organized by Paolo Levi Setti in 2003 and 2008 together with Serono Symposia International Foundation, is to provide participants with overviews of the most innovative procedures that will be proposed in ART in near future and the background needed to offer the most up-to-date infertility treatment, according to the different local realities specialists are dealing with.

The Conference is organized in four session’s e 2 key note lectures. Aim of this conference, in the intention of the Scientific Organizer, is to give special importance and space to the contribution of young National and International Scientists whose selected abstract will be briefly orally presented (5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes discussion) in the main program. Therefore abstracts related to the main topics of the conference are highly welcomed and must be sent by May 1, 2011 for peer review selection. All the accepted papers, as for the previous two editions, as well as in this edition all selected abstracts, will be published as a special number of ‘Placenta’.

Preliminary Program